The True

The True
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The True de la INTEGRAL
ISBN 606-992-641-3
Număr de pagini 301
Limba Engleza
Anul apariției 2021

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The True is a hybrid of memoir, true crime, autofiction. Editura Integral is publishing the book in three languages (Romanian, English, and French). The True will have a rolling launch (October 28, 2021 for the Romanian and English. November 25, 2021 for the French) with the box-set of all three books released December 9th, 2021. The box-set is titled The True: A Trilogy of Ghosts. The book has three different endings, each translation an extension of the chaos of Kornfeld’s experience.

Kornfeld and Darie had been lovers in the 1990s but remained very close friends after breaking up. When he died, Kornfeld went to Romania to search for the reason for his death. It was there she met a young Romanian woman who claimed to have been Darie’s girlfriend. Over a two-year period, Kornfeld wrote a book about Darie’s death, signed deals with Netflix and Disney for scripts about Darie (and other projects), all to devastatingly discover she had been deeply misled by a con artist.

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