• Persuasion
Persuasion de la ALMA CLASSICS
Autor Jane Austen
ISBN 1-84749-570-9
Număr de pagini 222
Limba Engleza
Anul apariției 2020

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45,00 lei
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One of Austen's five major novels in a superb new edition

    The standard Chapman/Kinsley text in a newly set typeface gives a more attractive appearance

    The new introduction examines the novel in its historical moment in the aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo, and how nations and individuals can escape from the past

    The new notes are fuller and bring out Austen's extensive knowledge of the Navy and the novel's topicality

    New chronology and bibliography provide up-to-date resources for further reading

    Appendices on social rank, dancing and the navy, and the deleted chapter that was the original ending of Persuasion

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